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Taste South Africa - One plate at a time.


Makers Landing is a celebration of all the flavours and textures of South African cuisine. At our events and market days, you'll get to find your flavour and explore the tastes of our multicultural country, bite by bite. Our food community has been curated to represent the diverse roots of our home, taking you on a tantalising journey of history and heritage. Keep an eye out for our exciting programme of events so that you can be a part of feasting on nostalgia, while enjoying the reinvention of food for the future.

Savour Sweet Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of these delicious spots. Enjoy bean-to-bonbon chocolate at Afrikoa, various tantalizing cakes at Sweet Lion...

Discover delicous drinks

Start at Ukhamba Beerworx, SA’s most beautiful brewery, before heading on over to B2 for refreshing iced antioxidants, Pienaar & Son for sma...

Consume consciously

Planet Earth provides everything we need to live – that’s why it’s so important that we all do our part to protect her.

Explore innovative flavours

With offerings like Indian street food with a difference at Kapoochka, Durban-inspired meals at Charms Kitchen or reimagined Nguni cuisine a...

Meat your next meal

Are you a meat-lover? Order up some beloved local meat treats (like tripe, trotters of mogudu) at Pitso’s Kitchen or enjoy burgers and bilto...