At any given day, there’s something to experience at Makers Landing. From chefs and foodies browsing the seasonal produce and best cuts of meat each morning, to locals enjoying a quick bite with friends in the afternoon or scooping up the freshest ingredients for their evening dinner.

There is also an ongoing programme of events and pop-up activities, and we invite people in to be part of our South African food community – get in touch or pay us a visit if you’d like to host a gig or exhibition, tell your story, or simply gather your crew together and pay us a visit.

100 Beautiful Flavours

We are what we eat so who are we? South African cuisine is deliciously diverse. Our multicultural ingredients, cooking techniques and recipes are infused with indigenous and imported elements. Every day we offer up exquisite urban and rural, ancient and modern expressions of our edible identity. Such culinary complexity merits a banquet of flavour. Consider this exhibition of 100 South African flavours a small sample to whet your appetite.

We are always extending our table. Come and join us.